Lender / Broker Process

Order entry

E-mail: orders@cetitle.com
Fax: 877-536-3390
or Log In to: www.cetitle.com, to open a new order for request of a title insurance commitment. Once the order is entered, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail containing the file specifics.

Abstracting/Exam/Commitment Preparation

Once the title commitment is completed, the commitment, tax cert, preliminary closing statement, wiring instructions, CPL & state requirements are delivered via e-mail.


Provided with pertinent information (social security numbers, current mortgage or loan statements, date of birth, copies of identification and customer authorization) ClearEdge Title will obtain title clearance items such as: payoffs, insurance declaration pages, releases, subordinations, etc.

Closing statement prep/Scheduling

Provided with all closing documents via e-mail or through our secure ResWare platform, ClearEdge Title will complete a closing statement (average Turn Time 20-30 minutes) for closing statements and 5-10 minutes for revisions.

Scheduling requests are sent to ClearEdge Title, via e-mail or phone call. Our scheduling department will then hire an approved notary/attorney from a database. A closing date and time is confirmed with the borrower and related parties and then relayed back to you via e-mail.

The final complete loan package is e-mailed to our team and immediately delivered to the assigned notary/attorney along with the final approved closing statement and title disclosures.

After notification of the signing completion of the documents, the signed package is sent back to our office.

Upon receipt of the signed package in our office, the package is reviewed for accuracy. All signed packages are scanned and stored in the specific file within ResWare and sent overnight to your funding department.


Funds are delivered to ClearEdge Title via wire or check. Upon receipt of all due funds (lenders and/or borrowers) and the final funding authorization, the file is disbursed accordingly.

Once all checks are printed and distributed, an electronic voided copy of each check is automatically attached to the file within ResWare for future reference.

The checks or wires for the title payoffs, taxes, homeowner’s insurance and borrower’s proceeds are sent overnight to the appropriate parties. All shipping tracking detail is maintained in ResWare.


The Security Instruments, DOT’s, deeds, mortgages, affidavits, riders, subordinations or releases are prepped for recording to meet state and county requirements.

The applicable documents are then sent to the respective county recorder’s office via overnight or if the specific county allows, the documents may qualify for e-Recording, then they are uploaded for an electronic recording.


The final stage in the title process is the final product, the title policy. This is the insuring policy to either the lender and/or the homeowner for title insurance based on the transaction.

The final printed Title Policy and all the remaining original documents held at ClearEdge Title are then sent via overnight to the designated destination of the client and/or the lenders final closing instructions.