ClearEdge Title is your single source solution with coverage that encompasses the entire United States.

As a result, our turnaround times are superior – in 3 days or less on average.

Below is the Average Turn Times for each state.

StateAverage Turn TimesAdditional Info 
Alabama48-72 hours 
Alaska5 days 
Arizona48 hours 
Arkansas48-72 hoursFull search required per state statute
California48 hours 
Colorado48 hours 
Connecticut5 days 
Delaware48 hours 
Florida48 hours 
Georgia48 hours 
Hawaii5 days 
Idaho3 days 
Illinois48 hours 
Indiana48 hours 
Iowa48-72 hours 
Kansas48 hours 
Kentucky48 hours 
Louisiana48 hoursAttorney Opinion required
Maine48-72 hours 
Maryland48 hours 
Massachusetts48 hoursDelay on tax certs, Attorney Opinion required
Michigan48 hours 
Minnesota48 hours 
Mississippi48 hours 
Missouri48-72 hoursFull search required per state statute
Montana48 hours 
Nebraska48-72 hours 
Nevada48 hours 
New Hampshire48 hours 
New Jersey48 hoursDelay on tax certs
New Mexico5-15 daysEddy and Taos Counties are delayed
New York48-72 hoursDelay on tax certs
North Carolina48 hoursAttorney Opinion required
North Dakota48 hours 
Ohio48 hours 
Oklahoma3-5 days2-3 weeks for Full Alta
Oregon5 days 
Pennsylvania48-72 hours10-15 days for tax certs
Rhode Island48 hours 
South Carolina48-72 hoursAttorney Opinion required
South Dakota5 days 
Tennessee48 hours 
TexasTexas ETA 
Utah48 hours 
Vermont48-72 hours 
Virginia48 hours 
Washington48-72 hours 
West Virginia48-72 hoursAttorney Opinion required
Wisconsin48 hours 
Wyoming48-72 hours