Default Services

ClearEdge Title realizes time is money.

Our processes are designed to decrease the average default life cycle by over 50%. Since 2014 on average, we have helped reduce the default life cycle by over 30 days.

The ClearEdge Title Difference:

ClearEdge Title negotiates all judgments, liens, and HOA dues and performs all curative work in-house.

It can be difficult to track down attorneys in all 50 states and having one partner manage all facets of the process creates efficiencies that save both time and money.

ClearEdge Title provides continuous communication and reporting for each matrix in the process.

Product/Service Cycle Time (Business Days)
REO title search 7
DIL title search 5 or less
Curative turn time 25-30
Document prep 3
Document execution 10
Property inspection 10-15
Recording sent to county 5-7